GOAT YOGA at Strohmer's Farm

Functional Fitness in an Exceptional Setting
From beginners to experts, enjoy yoga with the goats. Being outdoors refreshes the senses. A break from the indoor air. Being in nature increases ones focus and performanance

Goat Yoga at the Farm. 1 hour sessions $30/sessions or 4 sessions for $100

August 10 10 am

look for "pop up" dates and times - sunset/sunrise yoga, yoga to music, yoga around the bonefire.

Click the sate to sign up on Eventbrite

or email brenda@strohmersfarm.com or call 410-922-5060. Please register for your dates.

Saturday August 3rd 7:30pm $45/person or 2 for $80

Yoga with drums followed by a bon fire

call 410-922-5060 or email brenda@strohmersfarm.com to register